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Default Settlement Conference

Question 1:
What can I do to book a settlement conference if the Respondent claims that he is not ready for it. I know the delay is deliberate to evade decision on child support and assets, as the respondent has lied about income and assets.

Question 2:
The house is in my name, I am disputing the 50/50 split for various reasons, too many to disclose here. I had a valuation done recently, which the respondent does not agree with and says that before he will agree to a settlement conference, he wants to bring his own impartial expert to do a valuation. Does he have a right to do that? The house is in my name. First of all, his expert already implies it will not be impartial. Do I have the right to ask the court to appoint an independent evaluator? Could I ask a bank to do it? Can the court force him to accept the valuation of my realtor?

Question 3:
At the case conference a court order wa issued for his supervised visits of our 10 year old daughter through the family centre, because he has declined the persons i proposed to supervise his visits. Now he says the wait to the family centre is too long (we both applied to the family centre), and he is blackmailing me that he will not go to settlement conference until I let him see our daughter. He has been harassing me to see her. I told him he has to obey the court order and wait for the family centre. Does he have a right to blackmail me with the settlement conference like that, putting visiting our daughter as the condition to let me book the settlement conference?

I know that he is stalling the process deliberately to avoid avoid imputation of income, order to pay child support and to hide his assets. He lies about his assets and income and I have proof. How can I go about booking the settlement conference without his agreement to choose a date for it?
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