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Originally Posted by KEEPITREAL13 View Post
She won't provide her tax return
He sent the email (not me the wife)
The older one doesn't want to but he said he has no choice and the younger one can't wait to hike, ski, canoe all the things she can't do in the city! Oh have to go to school.
We are not trying to be difficult, but she is taking charge like she is sole custody.
He wants to have the same access, but she will move 150 kms away which makes it impossible for weeknight overnights.
She pleads the you left me for the other woman stuff etc...I guess they can try but we want things in writing.
does he provide his tax returns? The 13 year old has a bit more say in where he goes, if it ends up in court.

Will he accept more time in the summer, march break etc in place of the mid-week overnight?

If he did cheat on her, then try to be a bit more understanding of her feelings (especially if you were the other woman) Also realize that you will never hear the whole truth from him, its human nature not to say stuff that make ourselves look bad.

Get him to meet her and later he can have a lawyer write up what they agreed to in a formal offer.
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