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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
And you have been paying the ten bucks for 10 years now? You're in a good spot, that's going to be a hard sell on her part.

Yes. sir. I have been paying $10 a month since 2011. However, to be fair, she lost her job two and a half years ago. So her income has been reduced from approx. 53K to 23K per year. (Notwithstanding the fact that she has turned down min. wage employment opportunities)

Sounds like you have an agreement that was turned into a court order? That's a separation agreement. Everything was agreed to on consent, a judge didn't make a order against the wishes of one of the parties.

Thank you for this clarification. It does sound like this is the case.

My advice:

Option A: Don't be afraid of court, let her file. She might lose her enthusiasm for the process once she has to pay to start it. Advantage of this choice is that it is easy, you do nothing, ignore her, and maybe it all just goes away.

Option B: Offer her $100/month for the next 2 years (or $200/month for the next year), but in return spousal support ends. If you don't get a final spousal support ending date, then increasing the amount you pay is worthless, the point is to buy an end date so you never have to deal with it again.

This sounds very appealing, if it were not for that fact that, should I lose, I would likely have to pay her legal fees. However, what I hear you saying is that if she actually pursued a trial, that it would be at this point I make the offer.

Option C: Offer a lump sum payment of $2000 and in return spousal support stops. Less sexy in terms of tax deductions, but these are small amounts so it won't matter much anyway, and the lump sum sounds more enticing. Free money!

I actually prefer a lump sum simply to buy myself some peace of mind. Currently, she is asking for 1250 per month for the maximum duration of our relationship... or... 30K lump sum. The legal language used by her lawyer and the tone of said language makes it sound like they are very confident in this claim... I realize this is how lawyers work... but still.

I would do a combination of AC. Do nothing until she files in court. Then, send an offer to settle that is a lump sum.
Again, I am very grateful for your advise in this matter. Thank you kindly.
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