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Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
Thank you all for the responses.

I have a follow up Question because of an update.

- The STBX did not file forms for the OBL
- a week before court she says through her lawyer she was in an accident. THere's no proof or anything > Do i have any right to know? especially knowing who took care of the child
- my Lawyer is saying to Adjourn the date b/c they can just get to the OBL and this would save me more $$ - because the Lawyer is saying the judge will most likely just reissue to get the OBL done
- but even adjourning is costing me because STBX keeps messing up, should I listen to my lawyer .. what should i do?
Hey man I've heard it all. "I have been called to a trial, we need to adjourn. "I have to go to the hospital for an infection we need to adjourn, etc.

Did she really get into an accident? In these situations, just assume so even though she may be just making that up. I personally don't believe a word that comes out of my ex's mouth. She's got zero credibility with me. But, you should agree to an adjournment, a judge is likely not going to give you costs for having to adjourn because she got into an accident, and claim that you don't believe it to be true that they got into an accident, that you saw them a couple of days ago, and they seemed perfectly fine. You could try, but you lawyer might look like a fool if they did that.You could ask for proof, etc, but I don't think that is required. They'll take her lawyer's word for it. Just accept the adjournment, but keep your eyes open, the judges and your lawyer will quickly become suspicious if there is a pattern of random unexpected events happening just weeks before your court date.

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