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Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
These are just temporary agreements. We've signed . The court date is next month. Can any of these point be brought up ??
Anything can be brought up. Whether you can prevail is of course a different story.

Have you signed a temporary agreement letting your kid live with his mother? Or sent an email agreeing that he lives with his mother? Or not done anything to stop the kid from living with his mother?

-- There's NO custody decision yet.
Sure there is, you agreed to let the kid live with his mother. Unless you have evidence that the kid is suffering then you made an agreement.

- Reason for where she's living is, I don't care about her, its that she's been moving to 4 different places. Its effecting my son when I talk to him ( be it fights w/ kids he's moving to or being kicked out of another) . Shouldn't I know if my son is living in a safe place???
A five year old child has little control over his life. I imagine the divorce is substantially more traumatic than changing where he sleeps. I also seriously doubt that he is expressing concerns in the way you are claiming. A five year old complaining about a fight with a kid could easily be completely distorting the truth.

As for safety, if you feel your child is in danger, call CAS. An address does not help you keep your kid safe at all.

-- for the moving, I don't have a permanent address , i have family on that side of the city - who can include me in a lease or if choose to lease. -- it sounds it wont have much of an effect??!
It is always better to live near the kid. Since (if I recall correctly) you are unemployed, there is no reason not to move near the kid.
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