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These are just temporary agreements. We've signed . The court date is next month. Can any of these point be brought up ??

-- There's NO custody decision yet.

- Reason for where she's living is, I don't care about her, its that she's been moving to 4 different places. Its effecting my son when I talk to him ( be it fights w/ kids he's moving to or being kicked out of another) . Shouldn't I know if my son is living in a safe place???

-- for the moving, I don't have a permanent address , i have family on that side of the city - who can include me in a lease or if choose to lease. -- it sounds it wont have much of an effect??!

-- For the SIN Card. Sorry didn't understand the person's answer nor was it helpful. There are court orders for me to submit the financials. Tax offices / Accountants , cannot complete it without the information. Do you not think I've tried it??? i'm sorry its a bit absurd to make that remark. She and I have signed the court agreement where woudl give the sin card #. (i've asked for heath card for my access time , in case of an emergency, but she doesn't reply)

- can i do anything before the court date that will help me at the court date??

thank you for your time.
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