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Originally Posted by bmw1122 View Post
- she's moved away from the address on court docs and is hiding it -- is that something wrong or she should inform me or the courts ??
Just call the school your kid attends and get the address if you care that much. I'm not sure why anyone cares where their ex lives unless you are doing exchanges at the houses, in which case you likely know the address.

If I move closer to my son's school would that change anything for access? (assuming we get 50-50)
Don't worry about it. You don't have 50-50 now so you will never get it. Should have lived close to the kid right away.

she sometimes just doesn't show up for drop off and makes it sound like I was the cause as an excuse.. - she's done it twice already.
Send an email stating that it is unacceptable, and asking for makeup time. Do that a bunch of times and go to court. If she does that enough maybe you can get shared custody. About 5 denials might be a good range.

Every time she arbitrarily denies access, think of it as a little win for you in the long game.

im ' supposed to talk to my son (b4.5) over phone or sky at 3 X a week - haven't even once since court orders 2 months ago.
Talking on the phone is overrated. However, if this actually does upset you, send an email giving three times over two days to talk and ask her to choose. If she denies phone time repeatedly, go to court. You probably need something on the order of 20 phone denials for it to be of any importance though, maybe more, maybe a lot more.

Every time she arbitrarily denies phone access, think of it as a little win for you in the long game.

she has to give me my son's SIN card so I can file taxes for 2 yrs which are needed for the court financials - she isn't complying with that.
Is your 4 year old son gainfully employed?
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