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Default Acess /Moving & denying court orders

Hi ,
I have a questions

- she's moved away from the address on court docs and is hiding it -- is that something wrong or she should inform me or the courts ?? (apparently will move again )
>>> If I move closer to my son's school would that change anything for access? (assuming we get 50-50)

my stbx isn't complying with court orders (from what i read - courts dont do anything )

- she sometimes just doesn't show up for drop off and makes it sound like I was the cause as an excuse.. - she's done it twice already.

-im ' supposed to talk to my son (b4.5) over phone or sky at 3 X a week - haven't even once since court orders 2 months ago.
- she has to give me my son's SIN card so I can file taxes for 2 yrs which are needed for the court financials - she isn't complying with that.

Thank you for your time.
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