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Wait, so you can't sit in a car for 10 min but are driving 3 hours round trip? How do you manage that?

If you're on OW you may not have to pay a thing, check with your lawyer on that one. Until a doctor medically clears you to work your employer won't let you work. You are to big of a risk to the company. If you get hurt on the job they are liable. Arabian is right, look at retraining. OW will help you with that. OW has all sorts of programs to assist with retraining.

Who moved the 1.5 hours away after separation? Don't take this the wrong way, but with a spinal injury, one that means you can't sit or work, how can you effectively parent your child? It wouldn't seem like you would be able to pick him up? Do you have assistance on your parenting time?
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