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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Regarding you being late ....

make sure you always communicate with your ex via email.

I don't think it's kosher for her to deny you access because you're late, particularly because of travel/distance.

I was married to a very crafty ahole but fortunately didn't have to deal with child custody stuff. From what I've read on here DOCUMENTATION IS ESSENTIAL. "he said/she said" doesn't stand up in court. Your the male so courts automatically nowadays think your're a deadbeat. You have to have an impeccable, provable record of everything. Never leave yourself open for false accusations. CYA (cover your ass) in all things.
I do text her while on the way that I've left and if there's a jam, I keep updating her. Or there's an accident.
I see what you mean though, things are already stacking up and its best to try to everything properly. Appreciate the tips
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