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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
Berner Faith has a point - where is the personal property located?

If your ex summons the police you will be told that you have to render her property to her, although your ex would (in that scenario) have to provide the police with a detailed list of the property which she wished to obtain. Police would then likely tell her/you to go through your family lawyers.

If you are afraid of your ex then perhaps consider sending the storage key to your ex in a taxi (this is assuming that you have no personal property in the storage locker).

If you need clarification simply call your local police/RCMP detachment and ask for their guidance in the matter.
Thank you. Appreciate your answer

I am at my parents' house. They put the house on sale 3-4 months ago. She had some stuff but very very few items. I do not want to keep them. It's all clothing. Very old clothing. I've asked her again and again which items so I can make sure there are in the home else in a storage and I can bring it out. I've said I can drop it in a public place or mail it. She doesn't answer but keeps repeating I want my stuff. She will make some sort of drama.
I'll try again to send her items. Thats a good idea, I will try to ask the police as well, thanks.

As for being late. I have a back injury and I cannot sit in a car for that long. Simply saying leave early is well....common sense. Things happen even when you leave early.. accidents, the weather wasn't the best. Its not like I'm trying to make things difficult as some people know how to look into ones intent.
So i get him for 6 hours in 14 days, and I'm the one who drives to her area. She refuses to change the timings as nothing official has been set...

She hasn't sent her answer, and we've already had a 1st court date. Is she obliged to give a Reply if court date has already occurred? Thank you
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