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- how does the accountability of Pick/Drop happen is it something we do on our own ?
You can leave it to work out on your own or you can reach an agreement that addresses the issue.

can i put in the settlement that She has to drive half way?
You can negotiate any item both of you agree upon.

- If I get a job overseas or may have to go for medical treatment later in 2016, should i have that addressed in the settlement? Will that change the custody or access -- even if we mutually agree its fine and I can skip 3-4 months of access?
You can negotiate any item you both agree upon. If you want to make provisions for this, do so. It can complicate negotiations but is not impossible.

can we specify which denomination/ place of worship both of us agree to?

- she will most likely want "private school" on basis of religion but I don't want to, do I have to still pay for it?
Maybe - talk to your lawyer. This is fact dependent.
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