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Default trying to settle....

so, my lawyer sent a 'settlement order'

- seems fairly simple because there's only 1 Child, custody / access involved/ CS
( no property, finances, SS or anything)

I had a few questions:
- how does the accountability of Pick/Drop happen is it something we do on our own ? -- just emails for documenting , i guess?!

- I have a severe back injury- can i put in the settlement that She has to drive half way? (or one of my family members can do the pick up - though she's saying No them)

- If I get a job overseas or may have to go for medical treatment later in 2016, should i have that addressed in the settlement? Will that change the custody or access -- even if we mutually agree its fine and I can skip 3-4 months of access?

- in terms of religious issues - can we specify which denomination/ place of worship both of us agree to?

- she will most likely want "private school" on basis of religion but I don't want to, do I have to still pay for it?
- is there anything else I should add or watch out for ?

Thank you for your time.
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