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Originally Posted by Mominneed View Post
blinkandimgone, I think your response was quite harsh and not really supportive for someone who is going through abuse.
I completely disagree. It wasn't harsh, it was solid advice backed up by her reasoning.

And it was supportive - to the child.

Why is that we have to immediately coddle the heck out of anyone going through this? What about children that are being allowed to be subjected to this? How about a little discussion of the lack of parental instinct to protect one's children, who also happen to be victims here, the most helpless victims at that?

Don't get me wrong. This behaviour is completely unacceptable. But this notion of wrapping the person getting hit (and let's face it, we don't do it for men, just women) in a blanket gives a free pass to the months/years that the children were subjected to abuse too and were not rescued. How about some accountability there as well?

Please don't respond back saying how I couldn't possibly understand because I haven't been through it. Well I have been through it. Regardless, it doesn't excuse a lack of protection for the children. It's instinctive.

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