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blinkandimgone, I think your response was quite harsh and not really supportive for someone who is going through abuse.

class123, I do agree with blinkandimgone though that this will get worse and will teach your daughter that abuse is okay and possibly repeat the cycle in her future relationships. I think your daughter will be much better off if you leave even if that means 50-50 phsyical custody.

I've been in a violent relationship and after a particularly threatening episode, I went to the courts to get an emergency (ex-parte) motion filed for a restraining order against my ex. You can likely also get exclusive possession of the house with evidence of abuse. Based on my recent experience with this, your x will get access with your daughter there is no doubt about that but you may be able to push for supervised access for a time, likely that will only be temporary in nature. You will also likely get sole custody based on the fact that you shouldn't have to agree on a parenting plan with someone who has been abusive towards you as you'll likely end up permanently in court.

I'm sorry to tell you that it's a tough, long road leaving an abusive ex behind, particularly when you have children together. However, I do believe it's best for you to leave this toxic relationship for your daughters sake.
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