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If I tell the doctor the truth, will it be just report or he's going to cops straight away. I still do not know what I want now. However if his abusive behaviour becomes worse I am out but not now.
I would hope they would report it, it's a crime. How much worse do you need it to get? Are you waiting for him cause permanent damage or kill you? Are you waiting until he beats you up in front of your daughter? You say he is a careless father, if you do nothing you're a careless mother allowing your child to grow up in a home like that. She is watching everything you do and learning it's ok.

Unless you reported the incidents at the time they happened you cannot use them to prove he is an unfit parent. If you truly felt he was you would have done something at the time, you did nothing and taught him it was ok by donig nothing - just like when he hits you and you do nothing.

If you truly feel he is an unfit parent then file for custody and show the courts why you are a good parent rather than trying to make him out to be a bad parent. If you have serious concerns about your daughter's well-being while she is with him then call Children's Aid but you cannot deny him access to his child simply because you think he might do something wrong.

Knowing that he's abusive and likely hit you, it would be stupid to purposely start a confrontational argument with him over something that happened years ago. You won't get your proof, likely you'll just get beaten to a pulp again.

You say you don't know what you want, but do you at least know what you don't want? Obviously you don't want to be beaten up all the time and you don't want your child to see you get beaten up by her father, shouldn't that be your biggest motivator to change the situation?

I have no idea why on earth you'd wait until it is worse, next time it happens you may not have a chance to do anything if he hurts you badly enough.
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