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Call the police, report what happened, have him charged and removed from the home. Even if the condo is in both your names, he will be removed and you and the children can stay there for the time being while you sort out the financials. You say he's not working so you're footing the bil anyways.

As for custody, he should be asking for 50-50 and unless you can show that it is really not in the childrens' best interests then it should be that way. If he's abusive to the children as well then tell the police when they come and they will file a report with Children's Aid.

Your first step is definately calling the police, the longer you wait, the harder it will be. Even if he 'just hit you once', it's unacceptable - especially with children in the home. If you go to the doctor and say you fell, you will not be able to use the doctor's report in your abuse claim. Why would you lie to the doctor??? Nobody can help you if you don't tell the truth.
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