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Originally Posted by Mom 2 Two View Post
also the teacher informed me of their lies... saying they had not been given anything for the start of school. That they had to ask their son when meet the teacher night is???

Its funny I keep all my emails and the second day of school when all the paperwork comes home as per usual its always scanned and emailed to dad and gfs joint email account.

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Why arent you just instructing the school/teacher to send dad this info directly? My boyfriends daughters teacher emails him every week with updates etc. my daughters school does the same with my ex. They even send out two report cards for us. I have ZERO interest in being the middle man between my ex and our daughters school because

A) It means I have 1 more reason why I need to communicate with him
B) It opens up another avenue of criticism (you didnt give me document A, why wasnt I informed of event B) My babysitting duties with him ended when I left his ass. Hes a big boy, and so is your ex. Let them communicate with the school and figure it out themselves. Remove yourself from the equation.

As for the app issue- good that they removed her, but guaranteed someone that controlling will just sign up a new account under your exs name and continue to monitor everything.
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