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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
She�s trying to skew it in her favour so she can get the MH home but not pay market value. If she didn�t want the house she would go for highest bid possible.

Your counter should be that the houses are listed for a specific period with bids placed until x time and date. The realtor will provide you with the bids and you will offer the second highest bidder an opportunity to outbid the higher bidder at that time and take the highest bid.

Right now the market is pretty insane with buyers bidding well over asking to win the house. You can probably get 1 million for the house but your ex doesn�t want to buy you out at that price. Fuck her. If she wants the house but can�t afford the market price then that�s not your problem. Unless you live in a condo in DT Toronto or your place is shit, your houses will sell high. Do what�s best for you and forget her bs.
Thanks a lot for the advice.
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