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it was a freak accident.

I will share a story about my almost bad sledding accident. We were there with my parents and my aunt, uncle and cousins. We were having a great time. It was a huge hill so my Dad used his snowmobile to pull us back up the hill all the time.

Well the one time we hit some ice or something because we got some speed going. Being kids we didnt notice the barb wire fence we were heading straight for. My mom was freaking out, my dad felt helpless as he told my mom even on the snowmobile he would never catch us as we were way to far away. We ended up hitting a small rock and tipped over. My cousins, my brother and I never knew how close we were to a bad accident. We just thought it was a blast that we went so much further then before. If not for the rock it would have been worse.

Freak accidents happen that is why they are called accidents and not "on purposes". Your sons accident could of happened on an open hill. Your ex probably saw the other kids doing it and it seemed fine. Its no ones fault.

Your child is alive and though recovery may be a while, he could of been much worse. Dont focus on blame or guilt. There is no reason for either of those emotions. Just focus on your son. I bet the father is feeling guilty as hell and is waiting for you to ream him out. Maybe a kind word to him saying that it wasnt his fault is in order here.
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