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Default Thoughts and Prayers

I need your thoughts, prayers, good vides etc as S(4) is in intense care sedated at our local childrenís hospital after a freak sledding accident. He has multiple fractures to his face, jaw and body and will needs intensive surgeries in the upcoming months. Tomorrow they will insert a feeding tube

Thankfully there is no brain damage although there is some swelling in the brain, also some hearing damage, but it still too early to determine how much. We are facing a long road ahead of us for his recovery, but it isnít life threatening.

Keep your children safe and I urge all parents to have your children wear helmets even when sledding!!! And heed warnings of icy conditions. This particular park had been closed to sledding, but children still continued to do so.

Iím trying so hard not to blame the ex for his lack of judgement but itís really hard right now. Iím racked with guilt seeing my baby hooked up to all the machines, and not being there in his time of need because I wanted my ďme timeĒ and my ďrespite timeĒ. If I could turn back the cloak I would in a heartbeat.

The hospital here offers a bed beside their child, he looks so peaceful sleeping and Iím on here venting . I donít think I will be able to sleep at all tonight.

So thanks for the long vent!!! I donít know if I want to barf or faint right now but thanks for listening cause itís gotten me though some the evening.

If Iím not making much sense I think itís because Iím still in shock over his condition.
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