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Default Case Closed!!!

After 5 years the case is closed by minutes of settlement.

Quick facts and chronology:

1. She applied for SS
2. Brought motion for immediate support
3. Support awarded around $600 per month
4. Brought new motion for bigger support, wanted $5000
5. I lost the motion, SS awarded at $2500 per month
6. Costs awarded at $20,000
7. I said F...k it all. I have 3 kids and wife to support, not paying a penny. Did not pay a cent.
8. Lost driver license
9. Lost passport
10. Declared bankruptcy
12. Default hearing: Judge threatened me with jail term. I said, please, sentence me, I do not care. He did not.
13. My application dismissed by 14B using false facts by her lawyer. Case lost, My application is stricken.
14. Motion by my new lawyer. Case re-instated
15. She appealed
16. Appeal dismissed
17. She is ready to settle (She already spent 100K in legal fees within last 4 years)
18. I was ready to settle from the start. Agreement to pay what I offered her at the beginning without times frames, now locked for 4 years. The amount just about the same as awarded at the first motion.
19. By the end of negotiations she refuses to sign, wants court date.
20. Her lawyer doesn't seem to like the idea of getting legal aid for preparation and 2 days in court.
21. She is desperately looking for new lawyer who will take case and legal aid at this stage. No one wants it.
22. My lawyer does not mind, just for the heck of it. The case is rather interesting.
23. Takes another four Conferences within 1 year time span. Judge considers case settled, even it is not signed. Orders to sign the settlement.
24. Settlement is signed. Case closed.


We both lost about $100 she + $40 me in legal fees
We both lost 5 years of our health dealing with this BS
Kids were suffering emotionally
Little money left for kids university
My credit history is ruined, she has debt over $50K
She is going to get just little over $30K for the next 4 years

Who benefited:

Her lawyer, promising her quick victory and lifetime pension.

Who suffered and lost:

My wife
Canadian Tax Payers
Canadian Banks