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Mess, thanks for your response. I didn't think of the mall access in the way you explained it, I guess I was just stuck on the idea that visiting a baby should be done in a home. There are some advantages to being out in a public place. I have made offers to bring the baby to visit him via various 3rd parties (X's mom, and a friend of X) but X won't agree to anything.
As far as spousal support, initially I did say zero (mainly because for the 1st 6 months we were separated, I paid for all of X's expenses, including his criminal lawyers fees, and when I retained a lawyer, I left him all the money in our joint bank account - about $6000) I had hoped that this money would tide him over until he found employment. But he hasn't started working. We have now offered a monthly payment that is mid range from the guidelines, retroactive x 6 months. So I hope you don't think I am being unreasonable. I am frustrated that after all this time, he has not started to contribute towards his own support and is still demanding enough money that he wouldn't need to work at all.

I didn't fully explain work situation. While on mat leave, when we were still together, I took a new position within my company which was a 35% pay cut, involves no travel and I only have to be in the office 3 days a week. Again I am trying to be reasonable, but the least amount of time I would be willing to have my child is 50%.

My issue with the division of assets is that my net family property is $200 K (mistyped in original post) and I can't deduct the $100K home reno loan. So if you apply equalization here, he walks away with $100 and have $100 - 100 for the loan equals zero for me.

Posts in the early hours of the morning don't seem the most balanced and I am not trying to sound like i am all good and he is all bad. I understand that we have a no fault system here. I am trying to be reasonable. I just get so frustrated that i am dealing with X who has decided that he wants all these things, and i don't know how to end the conflict with X who wants what he wants, won't listen to anything else, without throwing my hands in the air and saying 'go ahead take everything?"