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Default Aden you are not alone

Hi Aden

I am truly sorry to hear about your situation. I have had to move three times because of finances. I have 6 kids and the law does not seem to take that into account. I do not mind trying to pay this. I barely saw my kids for over a year. I almost understand why men just leave and go away. Loosing your home, your wife, your children and then having a huge dept almost did me in. Funny though, no one really seems to care. Suck it up and keep on working, two jobs if you have to. I lost my job through it all (working with difficult kids and their families) and then you are called a bum. I had worked for this place for 20 years. Moved up the latter and worked hard so she could stay home with the children. No easy feat. They still want money. I have gotten through it and am feeling much better. I am strong enough to work two jobs, but for how long. I just want it to end so I can get on without having the whining and complaining. You would not believe the complaints I have to deal with. The heater is not working properly in the car. Get it fixed or you prove you do not like your children. I could go on with all the stupid complaints she comes up with. Today I was finally able to get my things. She was surprised when I showed up with a RCMP officer. Usually when I go there she makes a big stink. All I can say right now is that things emmotionally do start to get better. It has been a night mare and it saddens me to know that alot are worse off then myself. Funny as well, You can not have your children over to sleep if you are in a bachelor suite, which costs less, but the court still wants you to pay the money. Anyway, I have a one bed room. When they do come over the girls get the room and the boys get the living room. It has been better. Now a new proplem arrives, working two jobs and someone who will not bend on the access days. Yes I am sure I will win in court. It is just more aggravation, worry and focus. Good luck to you Aden. You sure are not alone. I can honestly say as well that I do feel much stronger than ever before because of the crappy experiences. It was not always easy. I remember going three months of endless tears wondering when I would see my children again. I seriously thought I was going down for good. Thanks for all the help and suggestions I have received. I was never really bitter at my wife but can honestly say I am now getting there. Staying cool is so important. Thanks for that advice. Ian