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I have asked you before and am asking you again.
If you are going to be belligerent don't post in threads I start.
You are definitely the most hostile and condescending person on this board.

Here is the message the very balanced and in control Rockscan objected to:


I understand your train of thought but really I am not assuming. When you have 10 years of child care experience with someone and there is history after separation showing they chose not to spend time with their kids....that means something.

If you want to say that I am in danger of being presumptuous or I would look bad in front of a judge for saying that instead of providing an example OK....that would be good advice.

take care.....I am trying not to give them free rent in my head.

I do know for a fact her employer will let her care for the children as do work for them and have both read and been informed of all their policies.

take care.
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