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Originally Posted by velas View Post
but you can go to court and get an order for FRO to collect his share.
ONLY if it is clearly outlined in your order. It has to say something like $150 per month for post secondary expenses or $2000 for 2020 school expenses otherwise the payor can dispute it and FRO wont do anything. They cant calculate percentages etc and if you submit receipts and claim it as arrears, the dispute resolution process allows them to say the agreement doesnt allow this and they will reject all the expenses.

When you go through the process, you will have the ability to make an offer to settle and if you have an idea of how much each year of school will cost the other parent, you can offer they pay you a set amount and be done with it. In my husbands case he offered to pay a set yearly amount based on what he calculated his share to be. His ex accepted it and they settled.
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