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Hi All...

I need your advice and thoughts.

The reasons why I left my ex 3 years ago was because things were getting dangerous for me living with her, and it was getting scary. She was psychologically unstable. She would frequently tell me that she saw or hear spirits, angels, her dead ex-husband, etc. I know that this sounds bizarre and extraordinary, but I discovered that she's been on a discussion forum talking about what she hears, and she fully admits that she hears voices and claims to see the dead.

I've always been concerned for my children, and there have been times when other people have voiced their concern over her parenting as well. Once, my baby had such a bad diaper rash that his diaper was full of blood. I went to the CAS, and they did nothing. Every lawyer that I went to told me that there was no hope of me fighting for custody against a woman on any grounds unless I had proof. At that time, I had nothing. Now I do, and ironically, it's from her own hand.

What do you think I should do? Is now the time to act?