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trueblue22 has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by Kkc View Post
1. I hope trueblue has learned something, in a battle of wits with rockscan, don't play the victim card. She is actually trying to help you with free advice
2. I would love to have a beer with your ex. My view of the situation is that he is entirely annoyed by the situation himself but puts that aside and is an awesome dad.
3. I am sorry if any of your business partners screwed you over.
4. I really hope the bf is not drinking the kool-aid expecting a large financial windfall from what you are telling him.

My stbx is receiving 7600 a month in total, 3k less in SS than what I am supposed to pay but covid nuked my income in half overnight. Actively witholds my daughter. This was the convo when I attempted to pick her up and she ran inside and I asked her to bring her later..btw I am supposed to have them every wekeend Fri 3pm to Monday 9 am.

This is what is worth fighting for, my daughter is 8. This is what your attitude can lead to.

Me: okay so what time will you be bringing her
X: I won't be until you pay me because I can't put gas in my car. Sorry I have rent, a car, maybe you should sell your house, so that we can afford to live
Me: that's not how it works, so please bring her

I notice daughter walk back so i proceed to tell her a story and she is about to burst out laughing but has to turn around so her mom doesn't see it
Me: guess what, I love you
X: so why don't you want them to eat
Daughter: dad, pay my mom
Craig: ... (and I go to walk away)
X: if you love your kids, pay for them

I go to walk away and x is mocking me

X: ewwwww what are you going to do

Me: honey, honey, I love you
Daughter: no you don't, if you did you would pay my mom
X: this has nothing to do with you, but unfortunately this is how your dad wants to talk when he's near me
Daughter: okay, dad you don't love me, if you did you would pay my mom
I am sorry about your childen. I do not mention money problems to my kids. I hope your relationship with them get better.
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