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Originally Posted by lynx002ca View Post
"In subsequent years, with 2 or more minors involved, both parents may agree to claim one minor each under 305, or, with 1 minor, they may alternate years for the claim. the main point is that you don't both claim the same minor in the same year. Shared custody appears to be a requirement for this scenario as the minor must have been living with you during the year, although I didn't see anything in the CRA bulletin on the % custody explicitly."

Where do you see this information? That both people playing child support paragraph from earlier in the thread is makes no sense to me at all if that's what the justification is...
In addition to the post above, here is the official CRA page. The key point is the offset payment method where you pay your ex support and she pays you support, each based on your individual incomes results in the situation and exception under the "Note" at the bottom:

What are the situations in which you cannot claim the amount for an eligible dependant?