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Angry should I switch lawyers?

How many people have switched lawyers? Did you lose a lot of money.
Mine seems to be working too slow. I can't get answers to my emails and its been three months and the initial letter to my ex has not even been sent yet let alone the application filed.
My form 13.1 will be no good now because of the time lag and I took extreme care and time in filling that thing out. (took all the bills divided by 12 to get accurate amounts, etc.)
My lawyer knew my ex was planning on moving back in this week and still not reply, no response.... I ' AM SOOOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED... I'm having to make legal decisions without the help of my lawyer and I have already given them a 2500.00 retainer (to start)... seeing as i've been in the office twice, both times for near two hours, and sent a few emails, I'm sure most of that amount they have already chewed through....
Do you think it's a good idea to switch lawyers or is this typical for all lawyers?