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Thank you for the reply. It is a form 25, a temporary order. Cannot get her to agree on consent. They want to delay cc till after she gets info on her dispute with her employer for entitlement for ltd, which has been denied twice now. She is without employment income as a result. Her lawyer says if they don't get the delay they will ask judge for more $ at cc. Im wondering if its better for me to go ahead with cc or just file a motion to change the temporary order? Will the judge award more $ on temporary order at the cc? Its my understanding that at cc, the judge does not make ruling. Will I be in position to argue that I want the order terminated, or will she in fact be able to get more. She has only provided a Drs note dated from June, refuses to disclose any info on the nature of disability or how it affects her ability to work or when she could return to work. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you
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