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Originally Posted by YoungDad23 View Post
There is likely a lot more to this story than meets the eye but it seems was no legal paperwork preventing the father from signing daughter out of school. This would be a hard call for the police to make about the amber alert since marital separation is very recent.
100% agree with you.

If she did make false accusations or give the police incorrect information- that there is a no-contact order or access-order in place- her reckoning will come. See the case Tayken just posted.

Originally Posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
I can understand why he is speaking out. People thought the worst of him and now he is defending his reputation. The mother deserves to have her name dragged through the mud if she gave police false information. He isnt the idiot here in this case.
still disagree- with everyone. lol. edit to add: He's an idiot to KEEP talking. just shut the fuck up already.

If she gave the police false information- charge her. let the court deal with it. On a personal note- yes I would like the book thrown at people (let's be real - it's women) who make false allegations.

BUT if he's going to speak out- he can say "My daughter is, and has always been safe with me"- no need to call the mom spiteful. Even if she is. What's best for your kid here? Rise above. Don't sink to the mom's level.

Guys- we could make up a hundred different narratives where one side or the other is right.

What we know is that he did nothing wrong in removing his kid from school. He's not charged. That's all we know.

We know the police said they had reason to be concerned for the child. We don't know what that reason is. We're not entitled to it either.

Let's just all be happy the kid is safe.

(and sad that her parents may be idiots).

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