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Default pop a kids balloons?

/rant on

So I dropped my kid off to school Monday morning. His birthday was the next day. We has a party for him over the weekend.
His grandmother bought him a bunch of helium filled balloons. He asked to have them brought back home to Mom's with him. I agreed, and left the balloons on Mom's porch (after I dropped the boy off at school and no one answered at mom's.

So the next day I get a call from mom who is in tears. She apologizes profusely for the incident. I am unaware of the incident

It turns out Mom's new hubby told her when I dropped them off, him and I argued - and he popped all the balloons in my face.
So that didn't actually happen - but the a$$ hole did in fact pop all the balloons.

Seriously. What kind of man pops his step kids' balloons???

/rant off

So anyways. How's everyone? Been awhile since I stopped by as things (I thought) had gotten better and drama had stopped.
I can't help but wonder if the police would be willing to charge him for mischief/destruction of property?
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