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Originally Posted by sahibjee View Post
I need to find a woman who makes twice as much as me ... i need to fulfill my dream of building a giant telescope in my backyard
Yay telescope! Hope your backyard is dark enough.

Originally Posted by sahibjee View Post
I did acknowledge the card in an email saying thank you, just so that a record is made. here is what i wrote

"Dear Name,
Today when I went to the daycare to drop off our son I was pleasantly surprised by a gift that you had left with Miss XXXX. Thank you very much for the jacket & the card. your sentiment is much appreciated. I do wish we weren't spending this day like this. May the future be bright

Not businesslike enough; too much emotion is in there. A simple "I received the coat and card" is all you need. Don't get into gratitude, sentiment and certainly not regret at how you are spending the day! Now it sounds like you want to get back together with her. She'll jump all over that.

Originally Posted by sahibjee View Post
In my understanding I wrote it in a way so that if it goes to court the judge would see me as some one who wishes no conflict and in case the judge refuses to take the card as evidence of admission of false DV charges at least he/she would see that I was still polite enough to respond & reduce conflict

ex responded to my mail.
"You are welcome NAME
By the way i also like surprises :P
With Regards,
See, she's already wheedling to get a comparable gift from you in return! Don't fall for it! Strictly business! No reciprocation! I know it's hard because you once loved her, but remember, now she's just manipulating you to get what she wants.

Sure, there was no conflict in that exchange, but you're still falling for her tricks.