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Here's the couplet she should have wrote:

May your future gf not accuse you of false DV allegations,
May you be able to co-exist in a home with the opposite sex w/o cops showing up at the door to put you in handcuffs,
May you not have to endure the ongoing attentions of a psychotic woman ,
May you not have to deal with custody fights,
From Mrs Name.

You'd have to be completely out of your mind to accept anything this person says at face value. Frankly, the person who needs to change here is you because everytime she offers you a gift, or writes you a stupid waffle and start caving.

Its like watching a Lifetime movie where the chick tells all her friends she got the black eye banging into a door.

Seriously, get a grip and protect yourself. This is a person that literally had you up on false DV charges. Having a false police record can have such serious adverse effects on your life, I'm honestly amazed that you'd even touch a piece of paper that she wrote on without having it checked to make sure it doesn't have anthrax on it.

You cannot do anything about her actions. If she doesn't'll have to continue working on your co-parenting arrangement. If she does, you'll have to find another positive female role-model for your child...hopefully one less inclined to 'crazy'.

On a positive note, gullible men can be extremely attractive to some members of the opposite sex...especially ones that like large shoe collections.