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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post

It is a well know tactic for negative advocate solicitors to have their client offer up something like this to an unrepresented party so they generate tangible (documented) evidence that the other parent is willing to "take" sole custody if offered.

You have been arguing for full joint custody and 50-50 access. So, what better than a document improperly served where by you are offering "sole custody" and "majority access" be with you?

These negative advocates push their clients to document no offers, opinions or suggestions to the other parent in the matter quite often. They will instruct their clients only to talk viva voce. In fact, even in highly conflicted situations these negative advocate solicitors will even send letters requesting the other party's contact telephone number etc and letters from their clients to the effect of "lets work this out". Even when there are restraining orders in place.
Thank you very much for your careful and detailed analysis, I believe the above part is exactly what is happening, I guess i am too new in the system to uncover tactics such as above being launched against me

oddly enough the ex claimed that she has fired her current counsel as well (this would be the 2nd counsel gone for her) because "she wasn't co-operating" but that counsel has not served me with notice of change in representation yet.

I have been recording the phone calls just in case she makes another false allegation to the cops, i believe ontario is a one-party consent. but i dont think those recordings would be of any use in family court since i dont have consent of the other party. and really the only reason for recording mere self defense.

I do agree with you where you say the drama should be expected, i guess i usually just take her words on face value, but it is perhaps not the right course of action, she does suffer from a personality disorder and perhaps some form of autism spectrum.

I do think our son will be devastated if she leaves, but i dont think there is any way to stop her. i do wonder what happens with CS in those cases, its not a common wealth country hence the CS order wont be enforceable there. also i sat in a motion where a mother was seeking CS from a father who had moved to detroit, was absent and had no counsel representing him either; she claimed he was working in some auto plant in detroit and she wanted a certain $$ amount based on $10/h imputed to the father, but the judge refused to impute anything to the father stating salaries in detroit are way lower than ontario, end of motion.