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Tayken thank you very much for your very detailed and thoughtful analysis, I will respond to it in length, however some more drama has been added to the mix ...details below ... enjoy

*history: when i was kicked out of my place, only some of my clothing was returned, my brand new winter jacket was not returned and was claimed "misplaced" by the ex*

Today i went to the daycare to drop off my son, the daycare staff handed me a bag "Your son's mom left this for you, there is a card inside" I looked inside, there appeared to be a winter coat & a card. I took the bag as the staff wanted to get back to work. I read the card and here is what it read "Dear Name, I wish you a very blessed (moon calender date) and happy 5th wedding anniversary"!
and "I wish god gives you strength to forget every bad memory of our relationship. I will always value the good times we spent in love of each other"
and then a couplet i'll try to translate

*may even a laugh sound as a cry to you,
may even a flirtation may not tempt you,
may you miss me in every moonlight,
may you never be content without me*
(i think this was supposed to be a romantic couplet?)
From Mrs Name.

The card had some hand made decorations attached to it.

Now the most interesting part is that we have NEVER celebrated the anniversary according to the moon calendar, and always according to the regular Georgian calendar so this was absolutely unexpected.

At one hand she was asking me how divorce will be filed, and two days later this. some one is toying with my head :S

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