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Default CS and SS Questions

My ex and I finally settled our parenting agreement. We should never have had to go to court but she was denying all access for over two months. We have joint custody of our 2 kids and shared parenting with 50/50 access.

Next step is to finalize the support agreement. She makes roughly 43,000/yr and I make 75,000/yr. Now based on the child support guidelines I would pay somewhere around $500/month in child support plus approximately 65% of daycare and s7 expenses. The last time the issue was addressed my ex was asking for offset amount for CS and $600/mth in spousal. Last I checked she doesn't even qualify for spousal support.

Prior to the child access being settled they were using the children as a way of bribing me to give more money. Now that access and custody have been settled should this just come down to following the guidelines for child and spousal support? The lawyers have mentioned that we will have to go to a mediator if we can't agree on support amounts after a couple of weeks. Should I be worried about getting screwed financially?

The way I work it out on paper, if I pay the offset CS and 65% of daycare etc.....we are essentially very even in terms of what money we actually get to keep at the end of the month.

Anyone with experience on this please chime in.

Thank you.