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For info about what expenses are actually considered section 7 "special or extraordinary" expenses, see this:

You haven't made it clear what "expenses" your ex is wanting you to split on, but your example of "gymnastics" would not likely even be considered a section 7 expense, unless something like this applies (from the link I provided):


An expense for education or extracurricular activities is extraordinary only if:
  • it is more than you can reasonably pay based on your income and the amount of child support you receive; or
  • it is not more than you can reasonably pay, but it is extraordinary when you take into account:
    • your income and the amount of child support you receive;
    • the nature and number of educational programs and extracurricular activities; the overall cost of the educational programs and activities;
    • any special needs and talents of the child; and
    • any other similar factors that are considered relevant.

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