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Default Lawyer quitting?

Hey All,

I have one of those cases where I'd do almost anything to get this over with but my ex is dragging it out with unreasonable demands that make absolutely no sense at all and simply waste time.

About 3 months ago I made a desperate proposal to settle everything that was very generous but, again, she refused and responded with the usual nonsense. With that rejection my lawyer said there is nothing left to do but go to trial and we have a case conference scheduled for Monday to set a trial date. My lawyer, by the way, is fantastic and really looks out for my best interests in the sense that she always has me weigh the potential gains from a battle with what it would cost to fight it.

Well, yesterday I got an email from my lawyer saying that her lawyer made a "motion to withdraw" citing an inability to agree on the management of her case. My lawyer suggests the ex's lawyer is saying "I've given you advice, you refuse to take it, so I don't want to waste my time anymore".

Is this a common thing? It sounds like it is quite a procedure to withdraw and she can't just "quit" without getting the court's permission. I'm sure this will help my case but was wondering if anyone else has had this happen. Can she just represent herself and save the legal fees? Will she maybe have trouble hiring a new lawyer now? Any thoughts or experience with this?