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You can claim rent payments just like you claim property tax on your taxes.

As for the first part, a court can make an order in cases where there is an issue with where the child wants to live but you can avoid that by working with your ex.

You and your ex havent even gotten to the setting an agreement stage. You dont even want to divorce. You know how you avoid your worst fears with your kids? You work together!!

Your stbx wants a divorce, step one is accepting the inevitable. As long as you agree to this step, you should consider mediation on the finances and custody. From there you work with the kids to help them settle into the new reality. You said you are hands on and have a good relationship with them. That wont change unless you let it. Im sure your ex doesnt want to lose time with the kids anymore than you do. WORK TOGETHER. Talk to each other. Make sure you are both on the same page as the other when it comes to the kids. Problems come up when there is anger, resentment, animosity, hurt, jealousy etc.

There may be cases of kids voting with their feet but there are also lots of cases of kids moving easily between two homes. Why is it easy? Because their parents facilitate it!

Seriously, you are worrying about the strangest things before they even have a chance of happening. For someone who didnt want their ex to even file fore divorce, you are taking a HUGE leap into the worst case scenario. Start by being reasonable about splitting and the rest will come along. Bottom line is be reasonable!

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