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I'm definately not an investor so I'm not sure what I would do with the money other than put it in the bank.
That's my huge problem- I can see the whole it's his income but not mine arguement, but I don't know what's applicable or how it would be classified.
Ex is a commercial realtor, so leasing and sales are his business and everything was under his own company name, my name is no where on any of it.
My accountant and his accountant say this is his income period.
But I guess there could be some guidelines for this, I did phone a forensic accountant myself.
This is why I'm so frustrated! I just want to know these numbers before I carry on with this court shit, but no one is making finding out these numbers a priority.
I'm saying we need to hire a professional to just get this nailed down, but ex would rather spend $4k on a mediator and convince them instead. My lawyer just says we need to go to court, his cap gains will be doubled for CS purposes.
I'm saying I'm not prepared to do ANything at this point until this is figured out.
There are so many varying opinions, I don't feel like spending thousands of dollars just to see the cap gains wiped each other out.
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