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Originally Posted by Selfrepmom View Post
So what actually started these proceedings?

You had a mutually agreed upon, signed-with-lawyers agreement that was filed with the court 5ish years ago that saw you with sole custody? And then ex stopped paying previously mutually agreed expenses and so you filed to enforce s7/CS expenses? Or you also filed for sole custody at this time?

I just really think in this case you can have your cake and eat a bit of it too. Give up joint in return for an order that he does the counselling. My ex is very similar to yours- never showed to any parent/teacher meetings, doctors appointments, refuses extra time etc. Stopped paying CS the same month he bought the gf her rock. I filed for CS, but Gave him joint custody right off the hop, which made him immediately drop some of his other ludicrous requests (50/50 after 3 years status quo). Guess who didnít bother to show up to the latest dentist appointment? Mr. Newly-Appointed-Joint-Custody-Holder.

Give up joint= get an order for parenting counselling for dad and kids (hello best interest of children!) and save $$$$ (hello again best interests of children!!)

I totally get what your saying. I really do.

And the part about how it started. You are correct. Except I only filed to get his share of expenses he agreed to. Actually I only asked for half. Even though agreement says proportionate.

Say I agree to joint??? I would bet my life on it he still wouldnít trade off anything. Thatís how they work. I agree that the custody part is none issue. Except he doesnít give an inch. I have given lots. Even in the last hear of litigation. He has had way more access then the agreement states. He has given me nothing in return. No compromise on anything.

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