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Then stop beating yourself up about it. Your response to your ex is “how you deal with this issue is not my problem, you have had more than enough time to change it” and you put her on ignore.

As for your kids “your safety and security is my priority and having you drive around in an uninsured car is unsafe and illegal. Your mother can choose to break the law but I will not.”

And you put them on ignore too.

Your kids are also sounding very self entitled and looking to blame you for their own refusal to take responsibility. When my parents split there were plenty of instances where my mother would wring her hands and rave against my father. Our response was “bitching doesn’t solve the problem, we need to fix it ourselves” and we did. When she pulled this at their last court date we told her if she continued to behave the way she did she would lose us too. Your kids need to a) grow up; b) pull their heads out of their asses; and c) start standing up to their mother. Getting them to do that is not your job.
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