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Originally Posted by iona6656 View Post
Even if he has joint custody- why?
Why not?

Why do both of us need to be there?
There is no reason that both of you have to be there. But, he wants to be there, so let him be there. I invite my ex to every single medical/dental appointment that I make (and I make roughly 100% of those appointments). She showed up to a bunch at the beginning, (all of them for the first year) but then realized that it was pointless.

Showing up is just a power play. If you invite him, then what's the point of making the play?

Hopefully you are not telling him in writing that you don't want him there. That could look yucky if you ever end up at a trial.

There's no cutting anyone out.
We'd both be attending the same amount of appointments each year- 1 for every specialist. Everything is equal! Everyone is involved! Everyone wins!
For what it's worth, I agree with you.

But, if he wants to go to every appointment, then let him. Stop going to the appointment's on his time, and greet him happily when he shows up to yours.

If you want to be passive aggressive, schedule them at inconvenient times for him. The greater the effort required on his part the sooner he will abandon his appointment attendance crusade.

Me. Kid is fine.
That kinda answers the question then, donnit?
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