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Originally Posted by Janus View Post
If he has joint custody? Well, why not?

If you have sole custody? He does not get to insist on anything . You can tell him that you'll let him know if anything important comes up. Or not, you can also just ignore him.
Even if he has joint custody- why? Why do both of us need to be there?
These are routine appointments. If there's somethign special a parent wants to ask the specialist- then we can call and make an appointment on our own.

Dentist- what's so pressing that we both need to attend? does she still have all her teeth? great. does she need braces? yes? send it in an OFW message.

She's not brushing her teeth enough? send it in an OFW message

Well, cutting a parent out could hardly be described as "better".
There's no cutting anyone out.
We'd both be attending the same amount of appointments each year- 1 for every specialist. Everything is equal! Everyone is involved! Everyone wins!

Weird and awkward for you or for the kid? One matters, the other does not. Try not to conflate the two. Kid probably appreciates having both parents there, especially if you pretend to try and get along.
Me. Kid is fine. It doesn't matter to me- it's emergency- he can be there. I can be there.

He just does stupid stuff like ask her "Oh- what did mom feed you today? did it hurt your tummy?" Passive aggressive shit like that.
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