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Originally Posted by YoungDad23 View Post
I'm Totally Shocked!!!

After reading the whole text on CanLII, I did a little research on social media etc about the parties.

Turns out they are both well educated professionals but I'm completely stunned to find out that the Respondent/Mother is a Registered Psychotherapist in the Province of Ontario.

Not implying Applicant/Father is perfect but even after Justice Pazaratz brought her world crashing down on Feb 9th, she has publicly continued her campaign to paint herself and the children as victims of the Applicant on social media.

Given her professional background, shouldn't she have known better than play these damaging games and pull the stunts with Police and CAS she has during litigation??

Has her ego and education made her think she is smarter than the justice system as a whole?

I'm left speechless and confused that someone who claims to be a "Wounded Healer" could be so devious and insensitive to what she is putting her kids through.

From her webpage

My ultimate goal at everwell is to work exclusively with women who have experienced emotional and psychological abuse and help them rebuild their lives as mothers, partners, professionals and women. I hope to become an advocate and face for change in the legal system and among front line workers who understand the tremendous impact psychological and emotional abuse has on the victim and the long journey a woman must endure to get back on solid ground. I would also like to continue my work with addicts and their families, to help them gain a sense of normalcy and serenity, allowing them to heal through understanding and forgiveness
I will outline your discovery in another thread. I haven't raised the social media output from the Respondent parent yet. I have to admit it has blown up my platform with how good it is. It is by far the best data extension from case law that I have ever come across. I am having to retrain my neural network to handle it. It has taken almost 2 weeks just to capture all the social media and deep linking and I had to increase the storage capacity by almost a terabyte just to capture it all and the deep linking it is producing!!!

I have to admit that this case law has been in my hopper for a while and my AI engine has been desperately trying to pull down all the content from the Respondent parent. The spiderweb of content related to the Respondent parent is incredible. It truly is an exposes of the behaviour patterns of someone who makes false allegations.

The only thing that would be better is if the Respondent parent were to come here and demand to have this case law taken down and provided insight into their position in defence of the case law. That would probably cause the cloud provider I use to process it all to crash as a result.

I also have to admit that I only knew of LEAF beacuse of the Respondent parent's twitter feed and what was coming out of my tooling. (There was a questioned asked in response to another poster asking what LEAF was a few weeks ago.)

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