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I haven't given permission and she hasn't gone to court for permission either. From what I gather, she's just going to move with her. I've mentioned this to my lawyer and he fluffed it off. He said that she's old enough to make her decision as to where she's going to live (and with whom). I understand this and believe the courts will obviously question my daughter if/when the time comes. My problem is that my daughter is already suffering from enough anxiety and stress, that this will only give her more reason to distance herself. Because my daughter has been in counselling for the last 2 years, my ex thinks she can do whatever she wants... with no repercussions. She's failed in much so far (when it comes to court) and has been found in default throughout the divorce process. If I fight for my daughter to stay, the courts may still allow it and I place my daughter in a very stressful situation (which she will resent me for) or I allow her to go, thus "basically" showing her that I let her go and am willing to miss out on her life. Can you say rock and hard place! My lawyer thinks fighting it would be a waste of time and money, especially if she wants to go. My fear is that she wants to now, while out there she misses everything so much she goes back to negative reactions (which got us to counselling). My biggest fears may come about and I will be blamed for it all because I forced them out of the house (but their Mother is the one that wants to move them over 3 hours away... and that's all my fault of course). Just so frustrating.
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