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What you do today will effect you and your child for many, many years to come. I don't think it wise to put a hourly wage cap on what you are prepared to pay, rather find the lawyer that you have the most confidence in to do the best of his abilities.

I would recommend hiring someone who currently practices in the pulse of family law in your city. I found it extremely helpful to have a lawyer who is respected by his peers as well as the bench. It doesn't hurt that the lawyer has suffered a few major losses as well as wins - mistakes made on someone else's case will hopefully deter the lawyer from making the same oversight on your case. Don't be fooled by those on-line lawyer rating sites.

Finally, a lawyer who doesn't sugar-coat things is important. A lawyer who has good client control will keep you in line and point out when your demands are unrealistic. This will save you mega bucks.
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