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I think it goes without saying that we all want lawyers who "care" and who would work for 150.00/hr. However, if you are "needy" (need hand-holding and constant reassurance) it is much cheaper to seek out the services of a counsellor.

Lawyers have overhead (have to pay assistants, their share of office rent) and yes many of them are paying their own student loans for the years they were in university.

You say you want a lawyer who wants to "work hard to get their names out." What makes you think that your case is unique?

If you want to hire an deeply-discounted lawyer then you had better be ready to roll up your sleeves and bring yourself up-to-speed on family law. Are you presently well-versed in family law enough to spot errors or oversights of a not-too-experienced lawyer?

Not everyone has the fortitude or finances to see a case all the way to trial. More often than not a case can and should be settled through mediation or case conference process.

Also keep in mind that you very well may lose and end up having to pay costs. An experienced, competent lawyer will guide you through the family court process and make recommendations of when to call it a day, settle and accept your lot in life. Ultimately it comes down to whether or not you choose to accept this advice.
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